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You can now cruise through the streets in style, moving to the groove of your favourite music on our Bluetooth enabled hoverboard.

The HoverXBoard is the new age, high-tech means of personal transport, powered by aerospace control theory, fuzzy algorithm, gyroscope and a self-balancing acceleration sensor system. Its server control system detects alterations in your body posture based on the transference in your body weight and precisely drives the motor to your desired longitudinal direction. Leaning slightly forward or backward on the pedal sensors will take you through acceleration, deceleration, braking and other operations. To turn, simply slow down and shift your foot towards the left or right for self-steering.

Designed with highly adaptive controls for easy operation and mobility, this sleek and lightweight personal transporter is set to elevate your style quotient while lowering your carbon footprint. The HoverXBoard will become your perfect companion for recreation, scenic tours and short-haul travels, moving as one with you through everyday moments.

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HoverX Specifications

Max Speed
12 km/h
Max Range
20 km
Climb Angle
Turning Radius
36V / 4.4AH
36V / 350w
Min Load
20 kg
Max Load
120 kg
Dimensions 6.5 inch (LxWxH)
580x180x180 mm
Dimensions 10 inch (LxWxH)
Height from ground
80 mm
Width of Pedal
180 mm

Benefits of the HoverX

Built like a Tank

Built like a tank, HoverX partnered with Optimum to ensure only the highest quality parts are used for optimal performance.

LED Lights

Illuminate your path with the sleek LED head, tail, turn and brake lights for additional safety.

6.5” and 10” Smooth Ride

6.5”, and 10” custom-made solid rubber tires for a smooth, seamless ride.

Bluetooth 4.0

Get your DJ on with the HoverX Board Bluetooth 4.0 connected speakers.

Why the HoverX

High Speed
Our HoverX Board leads the industry in speed, outpacing its predecessors and popular brands with our powerful 700W motor capable of reaching 12km/h (10mph).

Long Range
Our supercharged battery allows the HoverX Board to last a minimum of 20km, taking you anywhere without the need to charge.

Fast Charge
Our engineers have worked tirelessly with LG to ensure our battery charges in less than an hour while preserving battery life.

Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers
Music is your sure way to turn on the swag. Simply connect your phone and play your swaglist to ride in style.

Rides Steep
The HoverX Board is designed to ensure slopes are no obstacle. The 30° climbing angle blows other hoverboards out of the water.

HoverX Facts & FAQs

There are two sensor switches under each pedal. When the rider steps on the pedals, the sensor switches are turned on. The self-balancing feature of the HoverXBoard will be activated and it will calibrate your centre of gravity. When your feet leave the pedals, the sensor switches are automatically shut off and the self-balancing feature will deactivate, returning the HoverXBoard to standby mode.

WARNING: When riding the HoverXBoard, always ensure your body weight rests on the pedals’ sensor switches and do not step off of the sensor switches

How to activate the Bluetooth Speakers:
1. When the HoverXBoard is turned on, the built-in Bluetooth module is automatically switched on.
2. Search for 'HoverXBoard on your mobile device (mobile phone, tablet pc, etc.).
3. Connect the HoverXBoard and your device via Bluetooth to play music on your device through the HoverXBoard.
4. You can adjust the volume, pause a song, change songs, etc. through your device.

  • When there is a system error or faulty operation, the HoverXBoard will warn the rider through its indicator lights or alarm, such as the status indicator lights turning or flashing red, or an intermittent alarm is sounded.
  • The HoverXBoard will not start if the HoverXBoard is unable to activate the self-balancing mode, or when it is charging.
  • When the pedals tilt forward or backward over 15°, or when the voltage is lower than 27.5V (no battery life), the HoverXBoard will stop immediately.

STOP using the HoverXBoard immediately in the event of the following:
  • The pedals tilt up while riding due to low battery level, or when riding at high speeds;
  • You are travelling at high speeds and the HoverXBoard becomes difficult to control. Lower the speed to a comfortable riding speed where you have full controll of the HoverXBoard;
  • The HoverXBoard starts wobbling for more than 30 seconds;
  • The HoverXBoard enters the safety mode, the status indicator light turns red or the alarm is sounded.

1. Place the HoverXBoard on level ground.
2. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and ensure the HoverXBoard does not wobble. When both indicator lights flash red, calibration is successful.
3. Switch off the HoverXBoard, then turn it on again.

When switching on the HoverXBoard, press the power button once, then again within 2 seconds. A “beep” sound will be produced to indicate modes have been switched successfully.

The climb angle is dependent on many factors, such as battery level, user's weight, riding skills and the condition of the slope surface. The maximum climb angle is 25°. DO NOT sprint before climbing a slope. Immediately get down from the HoverXBoard if you feel the motor power is unable to sustain the climb. ALWAYS ride slowly when climbing uphill or sliding downhill.

Load range: 20kg to 120kg
Maximum riding distance*: 20km
Speed Limit: 12km/h

*The riding distance is dependent on the road conditions, rider’s weight, riding skills and environmental temperature.

  • Ensure the charging environment is clean and dry, and the temperature is within the specified parameters.
  • Open the charging socket at the bottom of your HoverXBoard. Ensure the charging ports are clean, dry and free from dust, debris or dirt.
  • NEVER plug in the charger if the charging socket, the cable or the wall socket is wet or moist.

1. Plug in the cable of the charger into a properly grounded wall socket. Check if the LED light of the charger turns green.
2. Connect the charger to the charging socket of your HoverXBoard. The light on your charger should turn red to indicate that your HoverXBoard is charging.
3. The battery indicator on the HoverXBoard will turn amber during charging.
4. The charging process takes approximately 2-3 hours. Do not leave the device unattended during the charging process.
5. When your HoverXBoard is fully charged (the light on your charger will turn green), unplug the charging cable from the charging socket of your HoverXBoard before unplugging the charger from the wall socket.

Ensure the charger and charging cable are disconnected, and the HoverXBoard is turned off before cleaning. Use a soft cloth to wipe the shell to clean the HoverXBoard. Do not add excessive lubricating oil to the bearings.

WARNING: Do not use a high-pressure water gun or immerse the HoverXBoard in liquid to clean it. This may lead to malfunction and permanent damage.


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